is an easy and convenient way to enjoy a meal and drinks with friends...during isolation.

We focus on Korean BBQ, a unique experience where you can cook, eat delicious premium meats, drink traditional Soju and zoom with your friends to share the experience. 

We deliver on Friday, Saturday and Sundays 10am-8pm. Please ensure you request to receive 24 hours before you plan to consume. 

Default delivery is on Friday, if you have an alternative preference please add additional details in 'instructions to sender' on check out.


How to book a virtual dinner party?

Step 1 - Order

Place your order with us via our 'Dinner Party Bookings' link.


Step 2 - Invite guests

You set the day of your party and invite your guests, we will contact your invitees with your request to purchase and deliver in time for your party.


Step 3 - Unpack and start your zoom party





1. What is Korean BBQ?

A Korean BBQ is a traditional meal shared among family and friends over drinks. It involves cooking meat and vegetables as you eat with dipping sauce and Soju alcohol.


2. How to cook and eat?

Cooking involves a grill and hot plate, meat and vegetables are added to grill and wrapped in salad then eaten with dipping sauces. 

Below is a step by step guide. 


3. How long can can the food stay outside for?

As with all food please observe temperature and maximum time restrictions. As a guide any food left outside at room temperate for more than 4 hours should not be consumed.


4. When do we deliver?

We delivery all orders Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 8pm. We recommend you request for the delivery to occur 24 hours before you plan to consume.


5. What happens if you are not home?

We will notify you and you can leave authority to leave or request another day delivery. They will need to be refrigerated ASAP. Please ensure someone is available to receive the order at your delivery address.


6. What if you have allergies?

Our products may contain meat, nuts and oils and not suitable if you have allergies to these.